Tips On Converting HDMI To VGA And Vice Versa

Video technology is fast evolving from the analog Video Graphic Adapter (VGA) to a digital connection format i.e. HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort. Regardless, there may exist some situations where you may want to switch display technologies due to the computer’s display ports.

You can convert from one video technology to another, but you must know that there are certain limits as well as expenses difference attached to such conversions. As you read on, you will learn how to change from an HDMI display to a VGA or vice versa.


For specific conditions or events, you may require sending a VGA signal from a computer to an HDMI connection on a new display i.e. TV or projector. How can you send an old display technology signal to a new technology display? Without converting that format to the HDMI, then the display may not be possible.

You can use a VGA to HDMI scaler or converter; this is a connector that has two separate connectors with different ends; the VGA and HDMI connector heads and these connectors are attached to a mini box which controls the conversion process.

This scaler also has a USB cable that carries audio signals from your pc and attaches it to the video signal. If your pc has only VGA connection, you can consider upgrading its video card for better performance.


Although this is a rare conversion if for some reason you wish to send HDMI signals to a VGA display you can also use an HDMI to VGA converter scaler. The HDMI to VGA connector is cheaper than the VGA to HDMI converter probably because the VGA is an older technology.

An HDMI connector can transmit audio and video signals over the same cable while the VGA connector which is cheaper, can accept only video signals. So, if you desire to accept both audio and video signals with the VGA cable, you need to buy a converter or scaler that has a VGA cable along with an audio cable or rather a VGA cable that has a USB with audio capability.

This conversion is not recommended and should be avoided except in cases where there exist no other alternatives.

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